1. Cool powder : there are 3 different fragrance with 3 colors

1.Madam pink color

2. Princess green color

3. Camilla blue color (with UV filter)

Content 50 g., 100 g., 200 g., 300 g.

Madam pink color
Princess green color
Camilla blue color

2. Skin lightening : Facial skin lightening moisturizer lotion and cream.

1. Lotion : 70 ml.

2. Cream : 20 ml. and 50 ml.

Facial skin lightening moisturizer
Facial skin lightening moisturizer

3. Body lotion : Body whitening lotion plus UV filter and vitamin E.

1. Blue color : the original

2. Pink color : the new release

Content 150 ml., 250 ml.

Body lotion  UV Filter (Original)
Body whitening lotion plus UV filter and vitamin E.

4. Teen powder : Acne and oil control powder with UV protection.

1. Pink color “Sweet teen pink”

2. Yellow color “Freshy teen shimmer”

Content 50 g.

Sweet teen pink
Freshy teen shimmer

5. Teen roll-on :

1. Sweety pink

2. Sky fresh

Sweety pink
Sky fresh

6. Natural E cream : is suitable for all over facial use. It nourishes the skin, reduce wrinkle, spot and improve condition of your skin.

Natural E cream

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